24 January 2012

Epica - Storm The Sorrow

Artist: Epica
Release: Storm The Sorrow [Single]

Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 20th January 2012

Since forming in 2002, Epica have become one of the titans of the European metal scene, hailing from the Netherlands which is home to several other great symphonic metal acts. The newest single "Storm The Sorrow" is taken from their next album "Requiem for the Indifferent" which is due for release in early March, later this year.

Epica pull no punches when it comes to powerful sounding symphonic introductions and such is the case with "Storm The Sorrow", bombarding the ears with a beautiful fusion of drums and orchestration before Simone's haunting vocals can be heard echoing over the guitars. The drum patterns are masterfully played keeping the heart of the song beating like some sort of musical pacemaker. The orchestrated sections and piano medleys flow ever so soothingly like a river racing towards the sea. The use of rhythm guitarist Mark's vocals not only adds that raw, heavy edge that is customary in Epica's but they also had a tragic aura to the sound of the song. The guitar riffs are edgy and staunch, upholding the rest of the track like pillars holding a bridge.

Epica are slowly outdoing themselves which each new release and if "Storm The Sorrow" is anything to go by then "Requiem for the Indifferent" will be worth every penny.

Nick Taylor

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